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ALUBOND exterior series-ALUBOND fire-resistance ACP
ALUBOND Fire-Proof aluminum composite Panel has successfully established its approval in fire-performance tests of state quality supervision.
ALUBOND exterior series-ALUBOND Nano-PVDF ACP
ALUBOND Nano-PVdF aluminium composite panel is with Nano-PVdF paint layer coated on front aluminium foil. Besides all good features of PVDF panel
ALUBOND decorative series-ALUBOND Polyester ACP
ALUBOND Polyester aluminium composite panel coats PE(Polyester) paint and because of its excellent flexibility, sound insulation and other features
ALUBOND special series-AlUBOND Spectra ACP
Brilliant, iridescent colours found in nature were the inspiration for Spectra colours. Through special colour pigments, various colour gradients of gloss and depth are created.
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